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Happy Holidays from Game & Word!

Issue 4.9: From Seconds to Epochs, Part 4

Side Quest: Angelus Errare

Issue 4.8: From Seconds to Epochs, Part 3

Issue 4.7: From Seconds to Epochs, Part 2

A Special Thanksgiving Message

Issue 4.6: From Seconds to Epochs, Part 1

The G&W Podcast: Story Mode, ft. Jennifer Allaway

Just a Quick (But Big) Update

Issue 4.5: The Game & Word Halloween Codex

Issue 4.4: Games that Go "Bump" in the Night (Part 2)

Issue 4.3: Games That Go "Bump" in the Night, Part 1

Free Again: The Carl Jung Collection

Issue 4.2: The Platform's Dead, Long Live The Games

Video Podcast: How to Hack a Language


Accolades & Praise

Video Podcast: Hyrule Archaeology

Our Monkey Island Narrative Analysis: Back from the Vault and Free to Read—for a Limited Time Only!

PREVIEW: Archaeology of the Wild

Issue 4.1: Once Upon a Game

Issue 4.0: Tempus Ludos

Big News & Upcoming Changes!

Followup: Cult of the Lamb Needs to Call the Exterminator

Cult of the Lamb just Raised the Balancing Bar for Games

Discussion: Summer Travel Gaming Picks?

BONUS: A (Non-) Scientific Experiment in Player Personalities

The Game & Word Podcast: Lost in a Good Game Study, ft. Dr. Pete Etchells

Issue 3.9: A Tale of Two Case Studies

Issue 3.8: Of Sound Game and Mind

Issue 3.7: The Internet of Minds?

Issue 3.6: Archetypal, My Dear Watson

BONUS: Gaming's Mona Lisa

The Game & Word Podcast: Final Fantasy, Real Individuation (ft. Eve)

BONUS: Suggest a Game to Feature (and Let's Chat About It)

Issue 3.5: The Selves We Become

MOTHERly: From Innocence to Wisdom in the Sea of Eden

Video Podcast: A Psychological Analysis of Magicant

Chat: A Different, Non-Cringe Vision for the "Metaverse"

Issue 3.4: The Shadows We Cast

Podcast: Hyrule Academics with Jared Hansen

Issue 3.3: The Mindscapes We Make

Byte-Sized: SILT Trailer Analysis

Issue 3.2: More Masks We Wear

(BONUS) Majora's DLC: Carnivals, Death Arrows, and Mummies

Issue 3.1: The Masks We Wear

Guest Post: The War Game to End All War Games

Issue 3.0: Game Over Matter

Bonus Audio: Pirate Archetypes with Dr. Anthony Bean

MOTHERly: You Call This a Dystopia?!

Issue 2.8: Why We Pirate

Byte Sized: Monkey Island Returns

Introducing Tiered Subscriptions

Bonus Audio: Game Economics, featuring Chris Smith

Issue 2.7: The Dismal Age of Piracy

Issue 2.6: Travels With Murray, Part 3

Issue 2.5: Travels With Murray, Part 2

A Brief Note on Ukraine

Issue 2.4: Travels With Murray, Part 1

Bonus: The Greatest Pirate Stories Never Told, featuring Matt McLaine

Issue 2.3: Pirate's Creed, Part 3

Issue 2.2: Pirate’s Creed, Part 2

Issue 2.1: Pirates' Creed, Part 1

Issue 1.4: Yo Ho Ho, It's a Gamer’s Life for Me!

Issue 1.3: Genres Are Not Generic

Issue 1.2: The Clash of the Game-ologies

Issue 1.1: "The Name Of The Game"

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