Chat: A Different, Non-Cringe Vision for the "Metaverse"Good afternoon, my esteemed paid subscribers! This week, instead of yapping on and on and merely talking to you, I figured Iโ€™d try something difโ€ฆ
An in-depth psychological and narrative analysis of the Shadow Archetype in video games. Every human has a violent, antisocial, and "dark" sideโ€”one weโ€ฆ
Podcast: All Masked Up and Nowhere to Go, with Jared HansenListen Now [Early Access] | A conversation with author and video game scholar Jared Hansen on Majora's Mask, symbolism, and game academics.
Join us as we dive into the inner mental worlds that Psychonauts and EarthBound's characters construct. But beware, for the mind holds secrets one mightโ€ฆ
Byte-Sized: SILT Trailer AnalysisWatch now (14 min) | Undersea eldritch goodness from today's Indie World Showcase, to hold you over until Silksong eventually materializes.
What does your favorite mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask say about you?
Musings on three additional themes from Majora's Mask, for the game theorist in all of us.
The Legend of Zelda: Majoraโ€™s Mask, According to Jungian Psychology [A Symbolic and Psychological Analysis]
How Battlefield 1 Unflinchingly Portrays one of Historyโ€™s Most Brutal Conflicts [A Historical and Game Design Analysis]
Video Games, the Human Mind, and Two Great Books on Both!
Bonus Audio: Pirate Archetypes with Dr. Anthony BeanListen now | A conversation with Geek Therapeutics' Anthony M. Bean, Ph.D., on the psychology behind our collective fascination with pirates.
Bonus Content: A Conceptual and Societal Analysis of MOTHER 3's Masterful Deconstruction of "Utopia"