Volume 4: The Lost Side Quest
Volume 5's Topic, Upcoming Publishing Schedule Changes, and a Very Lucky Survey Winner!
The G&W Podcast: Dicey Dice, ft. Eric HoldenEric Holden—Comedian, Game Master, and Co-Host of "The Goblin's Corner" Podcast—talks to Game & Word about Tabletop RPGs, storytelling in video games…
What's in store for Game & Word in 2023?

December 2022

Happy Holidays from Game & Word!BONUS: "The Night Before Christmas," but written by a gamer.
"Where Angels Lose Their Way" (or, "What the Hell Do these Chrono Games REALLY Mean, and Are They Worth all the Headaches?!")
"Where Angels Lose Their Way"
The Life, Death, and Life of Lavos: Attempting to Untangle Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross' Crossed Timelines
Chrono Trigger, Fate, and the Conundrums of Time Travel (or, "The Ballad of Queen Zeal")

November 2022

Today, a Message of Gratitude and Support. And a Humble Request.
Chrono Trigger as an Extended Meditation on the Passage of Time
The G&W Podcast: Story Mode, ft. Jennifer AllawayListen now | Jennifer Allaway, Senior Game Writer at Monolith Productions, gives her insights on what makes a good branching narrative, and provides…