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The G&W Podcast: Digital Dreaming (ft. Benjamin the Dream Wizard)

The G&W Podcast: Digital Dreaming (ft. Benjamin the Dream Wizard)

Podcaster, gamer, mystic, and dream interpreter Benjamin the Dream Wizard talks to Game & Word about dream interpretation, dream magic, Carl Jung, and dreamy video games!

The Game & Word Podcast: Volume 5, Episode 2: Digital Dreaming (ft. Benjamin the Dream Wizard)

Hello, dear listeners, and welcome to The Game & Word Podcast, where Gaming meets Humanity! I’m your host, Jay Rooney, and boy do I have an awesome episode for you today!

My guest this week is Benjamin the Dream Wizard: Podcaster, Magician, Dream Interpreter Extraordinaire… and of course, big-time gamer!

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Benjamin the Dream Wizard is a psychological professional with over 20 years experience in mental health, offering eclectic dream analysis, editing historical dream literature, and sometimes playing video games!

All of which we talk about in this week’s episode! So, get ready!

….BUT! Before we dive in, I’d like to thank Game & Word’s paid subscribers for making this video possible, and especially our wonderful Founding Members:

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Thank you all for listening today! Episode references and links are below. Enjoy the show, and see you next week!


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