The Fantasy Genre's Triumphant Journey, from The Lord of the Rings to The Elder Scrolls [A Literary, Narrative, and Historical Analysis]
The G&W Podcast: Digital Dreaming (ft. Benjamin the Dream Wizard)Podcaster, gamer, mystic, and dream interpreter Benjamin the Dream Wizard talks to Game & Word about dream interpretation, dream magic, St. Carl Gustav…
The G&W Podcast: Word & Sorcery (ft. J.V. Hilliard)J.V. Hilliard, author of the bestselling Warminster saga, talks to Game & Word about magic's ubiquity in the fantasy genre, magical tips for budding…

February 2023

Join us as we start exploring the Mystical, Mysterious, and Magical Side of Video Games! This philosophical, historical, metaphysical, and spiritual…
The Age of the Robots Is Here, and it's NOT GlaDOS or SHODAN!
Plus: The Zen of Zelda
Thoughts on the future of game development in an age of generative AI
Volume 5 launch date, and learn to write with Game & Word!

January 2023

Volume 4: The Lost Side Quest
Volume 5's Topic, Upcoming Publishing Schedule Changes, and a Very Lucky Survey Winner!
The G&W Podcast: Dicey Dice, ft. Eric HoldenEric Holden—Comedian, Game Master, and Co-Host of "The Goblin's Corner" Podcast—talks to Game & Word about Tabletop RPGs, storytelling in video games…
What's in store for Game & Word in 2023?