Byte-Sized: SILT Trailer AnalysisWatch now (14 min) | Undersea eldritch goodness from today's Indie World Showcase, to hold you over until Silksong eventually materializes.
What does your favorite mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask say about you?
Musings on three additional themes from Majora's Mask, for the game theorist in all of us.
The Legend of Zelda: Majoraโ€™s Mask, According to Jungian Psychology [A Symbolic and Psychological Analysis]
How Battlefield 1 Unflinchingly Portrays one of Historyโ€™s Most Brutal Conflicts [A Historical and Game Design Analysis]
Video Games, the Human Mind, and Two Great Books on Both!
Bonus Audio: Pirate Archetypes with Dr. Anthony BeanListen now | A conversation with Geek Therapeutics' Anthony M. Bean, Ph.D., on the psychology behind our collective fascination with pirates.
Bonus Content: A Conceptual and Societal Analysis of MOTHER 3's Masterful Deconstruction of "Utopia"
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